Mixing and Matching Different Styles of Living Room Furniture

Mixing and Matching Different Styles of Living Room Furniture

A home decor style that swims against the current has emerged from the mainstream. Mix and match is the most boho trend of the forthcoming season. Styles from several eras come together in daring combos to create something fresh - an unexpected marriage of style, colour, and shape. It is anything but mass-market, with every individual developing their distinct style. That's how it works with mix & match!

When considering living room furniture concepts, mismatched furniture should not be overlooked. Combining a sofa and armchair produces a more dynamic environment, allowing the interplay of contrasting colours, textures, and patterns to be visible and making the area tastefully rich.

How to Coordinate Different Styles of Living Room Furniture

To synchronise furnishings in a living room, take a moment to detach from the furniture and analyse your selections for the area. In a space with a colour palette that contains grey tones with a lesser ratio of yellow and black, for example, you may pair a grey couch with a yellow beanbag chair that picks up a hue from an area rug, and that can be replicated in cushions.

Consider shared elements between furniture pieces as well. For instance, you could couple different couches of similar style and shades of the same colour, or furniture with similar sizes such as slender furniture in a smaller living room, or curvaceous pieces in a contemporary room design, or maybe choose seating with a natural visual appeal showcasing linen upholstery and wooden details.

Let's look at some tips and tricks to make mixing and matching your living room furniture easier!

Choose the Main Piece of Furniture First

Sofas and other large living room furnishings should be your priority. Pick a sofa or sectional that you like in style, colour, and material. Once you've decided on this furniture, it'll be much easier to include smaller accent pieces in various designs. Because the main seating is the focal point, selecting it first can help you locate the colour and general design aesthetic you prefer. It is also much simpler to determine how to mix and match furniture when the main piece is already in place. After deciding on this, you can add small furnishings such as coffee tables, TV consoles, accent chairs, and ottomans.

Don't Be Afraid To Experiment with Colours

Choose colours ranging from bright red to yellow, blue, and green to make your living room colourful and interesting! The pattern can be artistically futuristic or floral-romantic, dots, calligraphy, animal prints, drawings, or photo prints. Be daring and blend multiple motifs. The Mix & Match style's colours and patterns reflect the street style, abstract expressionism, and the retro aesthetic of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Make Use of Repetition

A lively and varied yet coherent aesthetic is a crucial component of interior design. The use of repetition in geometric designs or patterns can accomplish this. A round coffee table looks exquisite in a living area with recessed cabinets or a circular ottoman, for example. If you want a sleeker and linear aesthetic, pair oblong pieces with a patterned area rug to ensure the lines are continued across the space. Repeating patterns are an excellent method to give your living space a professional and cohesive look that isn't overly busy or causes the eye to wander around the area.

Play Around With Patterns

After you've decided on the colours and the primary furniture you want to go with, you may add some finishing touches with décor. Mixing and matching designs on items such as rugs, artwork, and throw blankets is a terrific way to create aesthetic value using a variety of hues. The best part of using décor to represent yourself in the living room is that you can easily add or remove objects as your tastes change. A wall art stocked with interesting artwork, and framed pictures can instantly add a sophisticated and intriguing touch to the living area. If you wish to mix and match items, do not hesitate to go wild with your décor.


Final Words

These are just a few ideas for mixing and matching different types of furniture. With a little imagination, you can design a one-of-a-kind, elegant area that expresses your distinctive style. So, go on and explore several styles until you find the one that is best for your home.